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Since the last time I wrote something about e-mail (March), I mentioned Sender Policy Framework (SPF). This standard allows anyone to publish information about which IP addresses are allowed to send mail on that domains’ behalf.
As SPF is quite complicated in some ways, I could not find a tool that would nicely list all IP-addresses which are allowed, so I made one myself! It clearly shows all directives and what it results in. All nodes are IP-addresses and all edges are directional arrows, showing which node led to each IP-address.
Tool is available on https://t.ted.do/spf/.
The colour of each node represents the result it signifies; green is pass, bright yellow is neutral, grimey yellow is softfail and red is a hard fail.

gmail.com's SPF record
gmail.com’s SPF record

Apart from being useful to check your SPF records, because I used the open-source library visjs, it’s also incredibly fun to play with. Each node has gravity and all edges are springy. Apart from the physics, it’s also fun to map out some domains and see all the different IP-addresses that are included in their SPF record.
Food for thought here: By allowing so many different providers (IP-addresses) in your SPF record, an attacker only has to compromise a single server in all that address space in order to succesfully allow a mailserver to accept his email as being from you.

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