Hi, I’m Ted and I’m a security specialist for a large ISP in the Netherlands. In my work, I do digital forensic research on networks and computers; servers, desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and any rogue device we come across. In addition part of the job consists of monitoring the network for any rogue access and responding to any alarms set off by our sensors or reported through our employees.

Previous work experience

Even though I am currently working my dream job in cybersecurity, it has not always been so. I’ve worked different jobs for the same employer, the same ISP who now employs me, as a field engineer, a planner and a data analyst for one of their subcontractors. In my last year with my former employer, I launched an android app to make our engineers’ job easier, letting them submit flexible forms on the fly, give them easier access to important information and keep them updated on current events through notifications.
In the years before that I ran an unofficial website that made mine and my fellow engineers’ jobs easier by providing a simple password manager, keeping track of all the different logins as well as providing a forum to share knowledge, something which had not been possible in a centralized location before. This website was used by more than 200 field engineers and a few dozen support staff – for who the only method to communicate was one-on-one through the phone behind long queues.

Spare time

With any time I have left, there’s a number of things I enjoy doing. One of them is spending time with my lovely girlfriend. Others include building or breaking webpages, my automated home or electronic projects; hosting a bunch of awesome open-source tools; and messing about in Linux.